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2018 USAR Challenge

Urban Search and Rescue (USAR) is one of the newer but equally exciting aspects of the UKRO Challenege to watch and take part in. 

A series of complex scenarios will see all teams competing throughout the two days and is the one of the more physically challenging elements of UKRO 2018.

There will be a range of technical aspects that teams will have to display.Each element will take 90 minutes and are the longest of all the rotations in the Challenge.  Teams will consist of six operators which will include a Team Leader and Team Medic.

The venue in the centre of Cardiff is well configured for spectators to see the teams from across the United Kingdom going head to head and the scenarios are based on those situations USAR teams could face themselves with anywhere in the UK.

For information on the USAR Challenge, please ensure teams read the following programme:

UKRO 2018 Challenge - USAR Programme


Breaching & Breaking

This scenario will test team’s effectiveness to Breach through various materials utilising appropriate methods and tools to search for a casualty. Once located, the casualties injuries must be assessed and treated where required, the casualty will then require retrieval out of the structure to safety.

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