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2018 Extrication Challenge

This years Challenge is in a fantastic location where all teams will be able to showcase their skills to not only their peers but also the general public as well.

Day one will see up to 50 of the UK’s top teams competing in a 20 minute, multi vehicle, single patient scenario using a standard set of rescue tools.

The top 20 teams will then pass through to day two for a more complicated multi vehicle, two patient scenario.

This year we will be looking to progress the scenarios again appropriate to the venue and location and we will be including all manner of props, including the use of LGV’s as well.

A teams performance over both scenarios, leading to an eventual winner based on the demonstration of Command, Technical and Medical skills.

The 2018 Extrication Challenge will feature the following areas:

  • More Education Workshops - (to be confirmed by education)

  • Improved scenarios

  • Improved Injury Simulation, including the provision of 'Medical Injects',

  • Inclusion of Large Goods Vehicles (LGV) in scenarios, including the lifting of such vehicles,

  • Restrictions on the use of Equipment

Please click here to view the vehicle equipment guidelines

UKRO 2018 Challenge - Extrication Programme

UKRO Extrication Assessor Guidelines and Marking Sheets

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